In the craft, it is not only important to always hit the nail on the head, but you also have to know where to fix the nail and how much you have to strike. Knowledge is crucial to long-term and sustainable success!

What makes up the knowledge and experience which ACADEMY FUTURE OF CRAFT or the company behind - TEAM Steffen AG - is relying on?

  • Nearly 30 years of entrepreneurial practice in the craft
  • 25 years of training in the craft with more than 15 interdisciplinary fields of expertise
  • Many hundreds of training events with over 10,000 craftsmen
  • Years of research in the field of vocational training in cooperation with university partners
  • Successful professional use of Internet-based training software in virtual seminars (MOOCs) for different subject areas in the field of craft services
  • Successful training collaborations with internationally renowned manufacturers of high quality building services equipment in the training and development of their sales and service staff

In the light of this experience and of the thus achieved reputation the ACADEMY FUTURE OF CRAFT is now determined to provide the company's experience and the educational concepts developed in the home market as well for export markets which are of importance for the industrial partners of ACADEMY FUTURE OF CRAFT - always with the objective to augment qualification of sales and service staff of the companies operating in such export markets, .

Specifically, we want to tie in with the fact that ACADEMY FUTURE OF CRAFTS in Germany has developed it's UPTODATE-offensive© into a much-publicized success story for German craftmanship with reference to scientific findings from the cooperation with the University of Bremen.

The starting point had been the joint research programme with the University of Bremen (funded by the Federal Institute for Vocational Training (BIBB) "stabilization and transfer of modern corporate cultures in the craft by designing a work-based, mission-oriented and computer-based training".

The CEO of the TEAM Steffen AG, Rolf Steffen, the chairman of the supervisory board of TEAM Steffen AG, Dr. Michael Krumm and other recognized experts have developed, designed and continually realigned the so called UPTODATE-offensive© to meet the needs of the market.

By issuing a management textbooks Library new standards for modern corporate management were set in the craft.

This management textbooks Library consists of the following management textbooks and thus represents the "UPTODATE-offensive©":

  • Book 1: "Excellence in Craft"; Rolf Steffen, Steffen Udo; 3 Edition 2007, ISBN 978-3-87247-711-8; topics: identifying strengths and weaknesses, create sustainable success; optimization steps.
  • Book 2: "The modern entrepreneur in the craft"; Rolf Steffen; 2 Edition, ISBN 978-3-87247-712-5; topics: Finding a common value base; achieving inspiring goals; achieving better quality of life.
  • Book 3: "Successful Team Leadership"; Rolf Steffen, Gunnar Johannsen; 2 Edition, ISBN 978-3-87247-713-2; topics: goal-oriented leadership; fair assessment of performance, creation of enthusiasm.
  • Book 4: "Modern Organization in the craft - Customer Service"; Rolf Steffen, Steffen Udo, ISBN 978-3-9804392-4-4; topics: delighting customers with service, increasing productivity, ensuring fast settlement.
  • Book 5: "Modern Organization in the craft - Project Management"; Rolf Steffen, Steffen Udo; 2 Edition, ISBN 978-3-9804392-7-5; topics: increasing sales success; organizing projects professionally, implementing storehouse rules and keeping to it.
  • Book 7: "Marketing in the craft"; Rolf Steffen, André Hugo Brömmel, ISBN 978-3-87247-721-7; topics: increasing awareness, attracting customers, self creation of brandmark.

Other books of this series are in preparation.

Due to the still persisting deficits in operational practice in craft in respect to communication and acceptance of scientific approaches and insights from the level of management in the daily operational working practices of employees the key topics "Transfer of Knowledge" or "Train the trainer" were created. A result of this work has been the award "Excellent Knowledge Organization" given to us by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in 2009.

Under the heading "ACADEMY FUTURE OF CRAFT" the branch of industry leader for management in the craft in the German market will in future continue to contribute new and innovative approaches, by means of regular e-media based training programs and developments in entrepreneurial leadership of craft and service companies. With these measurements we strive to optimize and achieve a higher quality in advicing customers, in sales performance and in installation of technical equipment.

The training model UPTODATE-offensive© is based on sustainability and initiates holistic optimization processes in companies. It accompanies and embraces all employees in a particular combination of methods.

Learning in the webinar (in a virtual classroom) aside from the professional activity: Dual-management studies for craftsmen and office staff (classroom e-learning) as part-time and in-house training of certain important staff members in the company.